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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

We are not Yet There NOW!

SUBTLE Fantasies of the Spirit.
Speaking of spiritual destiny it must worry the serious to note the fallacy of arrival. Once desire to recall all the facts without effort is mastered what remains is comprehension of reality.
 By reconnecting to our gene pool easier things bubble up our conscious  thoughts.

This is not only cool. What we must comprehend is to be lively.
Hover over the subtle nature of spirituality. This must highlight areas we need to weed out. But unless aroused we rarely accept the natural abilities to clean up.
Honed by the fires of life we find the elegance to trod on. So establish connection with holiness.. Personal one. We need a nation of good and sweetness. A period of peace.

 The subtle spiritual drive causes us to ask vital questions . One of which has to do with the arrival. ARE WE there YET? NOT yet for the nation is yet to be...

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