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Thursday, 17 November 2016

 Source Of Black People’s Power…?

It would appear as if we are truly powerless when we consider the standards we have been forced to live by. Only ignorance and inaction can keep one in this jail. Apart from the precepts and laws of Spirituality as a matter of principle we also have inherent relation to values and norms, characteristic instincts and emotions.

These give rise to our individuality within the community of Black People. Although there may be scattered motives behind the performance of responsibility, it may be said that the original creative standard and accompanying laws constituted the axis for the determination of our bona fide duty or responsibility.⇛

 Adherence to the precepts of spirituality also depends on compliance with rationally inferred laws, because, in social matters and issues of life, the rules and precepts of spirituality are an elaboration of general rational truths.

Due to these standards which are alien to our nature we seem to struggle in a very complex situation. That which is difficult is not the identification of duty but rather its observance in practice, which is harder than is ordinarily imagined. In this path, only by the means of a firm and steadfast faith, self-denial and vigilance can one attain the goal of individual physical freedom and spiritual reconnection.

In attaining our freedom it is obvious that popular religions will not help.

 In the same way as social environment provides the ground for the development and growth of human merits, it also has been used to provide an atmosphere conductive to the emergence of many vices. Our development and growth as a race continue to stagnate.

Why is this so?

Every individual is being manipulated to transgress the bounds of duties and neglecting major responsibilities to our race.

 Every plant needs particular conditions in order to have a sustained growth and grow to its fruitful stage. However, that which is essential for the growth and development of our specific society is not geographical location or material conditions. It is a meticulous enlightening and spiritual training that juice out our natural racial competitive advantages. These then may serve as a foundation for personal and group progress.

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