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Monday, 10 April 2017

The Best Kept Secret Of Passover & Easter They Dont Want You To Discover.

The RULERS....They have deliberately fenced off limits the invocation of Ancient
Egyptian Mysteries. Cloaking them under a deceptive veil of derogatory
names and labels few will study them. They remain effective
and potent to those who access them. However, they silently blind and
sort of “witch “those who walk the earth without practicing counter
rituals. The Elite happily drive the masses to whatever scheme or plan
assured that the Mysteries will be their force.
Few individuals
will dare go beyond the walls set by modern churches, pastors, Mosques,
and traditions. Another sleight of hand move has been to dissuade the
masses through guile, deliberate miss-interpretation and other moves
teaching billions that Ancient Egyptians Mysteries were and are PAGAN
Knowing fully that a spiritual plane is inherent in each
human including those professing Agnosticism or Atheistic tendencies the
System moved with subtleness. The masses are fed a diet of weak
versions of Easter, Passover and Rituals. These are heavy on
nonessentials since they have been hijacked by commercial interests.

Even so they are deadly tools that pour negative forces into human
spirituality and envelope the earth with Luciferian proclivities. It is
imperative that we study this issue with all the zeal possible.

Once we have a basic understanding we must immediately disengage from
these errors. Change gear by revamping our modes of spell chants
(prayer), fasting, study and rituals. Then adopt the ORIGINAL rituals in
thoughts and deeds. In this way, KNOWLEDGE will increase and soon we
will experience real SPIRITUAL OUR BONES the dwelling Place
The Mysteries.

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