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Sunday, 1 March 2015

meaning of being

Who Am I?

How can we live if we do not know who we are?
But, hang on, can we know the answer? Is it really necessary?
When you purchase a gadget, say a smartphone you are bound to receipt also a booklet inside, concerning the gadget.  This is obviously common sense
What about us? When we were born  did we too come along with a small booklet. A manual for living or Life? Where is this essential life guide? Do we KNOW?

We Are....?

We must to first define meaning of being.

In this video we battle this out. Please watch this video and proceed afterwards.....!

We are a physical entity of Flesh and Blood. Either male or female. On top of all this we thrive on sensory abilities. We also at times deliberately THINK! Most of the times we just trod on in auto pilot.
So what!
Is this all we are? 

We Can Either be Good or Evil!

To define who we are it is clear we need to look inside our being. It is not hard. Philosophers, religionists as well as scientist have made this common sense purview sophisticated . Its not.The manual of our being on this planet ought to be in us like the small booklet in our package with our smartphone. We need to be real. Nature affords us to learn to read this manual. The huge difference is that the manual is not read like a book. Ignore them books when it comes to personal life matters. Use them as sign posts to be left fixed onto their spot as you move on. Surely you do not uproot  sign post  that tells you how many kilometers are left to reach  your destination....Image result for gokwe
 Life's manual.... IS EXPERIENCED! 
It Is not known by nouns only but VERBS!
To know by ACTION following intense clear original planning oozing out of our brains in  thinking. To enhance reading our life's manual one has to set goals.

Goal Setting Is Way Up..Image result for set goals in life

Say you set  a goal about being healthy. Once we set this and empower this thought through repetition it will become dominant inside our brains. Soon life is bound to perceive  foods that causes illness. Once we eliminate these foods we move on. We evolve towards perfecting this body of flesh and blood. Goal setting is congruent in unraveling the meaning of being. Goal setting is a vital tool that allows us to define and answer the conundrum of life.

The Answer....To Who is Me...?

We know who we are by the goals we have achieved more than those we wish.
Let me give an example... Image result for henry ford

Henry Ford.
Who was he?
That's it you may not know his height, his attitude or personal details but you KNOW WHO THIS MAN WAS? How? By those goals he set and achieved......

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