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Monday, 9 March 2015

SAY NO To Reparations. Here Is Why

Black Chattel

For the record black people founded the one and longest lasting civilization. 
For over 7000 years they had no army or prisons! They also discovered spirituality, invented writing, mathematics, geometry and language. The proof of their ingenuity is beyond dispute. Ancient monuments like the pyramids and old cities straddle the earth. 

Suffice to say their children  are today the least and most backward race. Why?  They hanker to be paid reparations! Black folks were GREAT beyond measure. Then what happened?
Greeks Learn Wisdom and influences  the World up to To NOW!

Greeks Western Civilization.

From all over the earth people  trekked into Egypt to study. The Greeks exceed them all. Thales of Milete informs us that the famed Pythagoras went to Memphis, Egypt, to study. The Egyptian priests were the source of knowledge and information. Thales stated this when he himself was Greece’s most prominent and highly praised philosopher, even though it would be his protege Pythagoras who is presently preeminently remembered as the “first philosopher”.
Plato also migrated to Egypt. He for a period of 13 years learned at the feet of ancient Egyptian Priest Teachers. One of his great mentor was Chinoufuse, a priest of Heliopolis modern Cairo and  near the Great Pyramid. All Greek idealists and thinkers have Egypt to thank

Blacks Father modern Industrial Life Style

For almost 500 years beginning around 1640 White Arabs and sellout black chiefs captured and sold black people. Soon Europe mastered this and the enslavement and sell of black folks like a veldts fire spread all over Europe. Conservative estimates puts the number of blacks that were enslaved to almost half a billion! These black folks worked  in the fields and in industry of Europe and the Americas helping to bring about the industrial revolution.

REMEMBER they were not paid, they had no pension, and they worked for long years. Our modern world and current western soon to be global culture is built on the foundations of discoveries made by ancient Ethiopian Egyptians and their modern descendants whom the White Arabs and Europeans enslaved...
Reparations Why Not!
There is a global movement for reparations for slavery. The big question is why should anybody have to pay descendants of slaves? To answer this we have to ask how these reparations are to be paid.  MONEY will be used! 
If YES we need to follow by asking “Where this MONEY” will come from? 
Perhaps we need to ask a general question; where does money come from? 
Who owns it?
 Is it a natural phenomenon or man-made commodity?

Where MONEY comes from?

The masses would be flabbergasted when they find out that even amongst bankers, economists, and policymakers, there is no common understanding of how new money is created or even where the old one disappears to. 

Without going into too much technical details money is printed by a monopolistic cartel. It is actually not even worth the paper on which it is emblazoned. Physical cash is less than 3 per cent of the total stock of money in an economy run by a centralized banking system. Commercial bank money – credit and coexistent deposits – makes up the remaining 97 per cent of the money supply. So if we shout that reparations must be paid to us in full what will stop the powers that be printing trillions of papers and paying all black folks!

I read that the Japanese or the white Jews of _Israel_received reparation. My question is, were they enslaved for 500 years? Did they have their source continent colonized too? Are they still ostracized today? 

 I say NO TO ANY form Of Reparations! 

You too say NO!!!!!!!!

Africa Unique Experience.

 Black people are a prophetic race.

 Readings in some ancient Egypt manuscripts reveals prophecies of black people being enslaved and losing their power. In the bible, an African book prophecy tells us that black people will be enslaved and be the least race because we left the Law!  

Ezekiel 29-30 and Deuteronomy 28 explain in prophetic language the future history of black people. 

This has happened and even more terrifying events will take place soon involving the black race.  Our unique experience is that we ought to be circumspect and be wise on these highly prophetic times….

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